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Haiyan Damin Energy-saving Glass Co.Ltd products Limited  Is a professional production of elevator with glass deep processing enterprises, from the early days is located in high quality glass products. Company introduced a variety of domestic and foreign advanced glass processing equipment, including: JGF flat bending steel production line, PVB sandwich safety glass production line, large bending furnace, large reciprocating hot bending furnace, CNC nc scribing machine - WAY, APW CNC ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine, infrared autoclave, multistage double edging machine, CNC glass edge grinding machine, etc.
Company in line with "customer demand as the goal, with quality to create opportunities for" business purposes, has been and matt, mitsubishi, kone and Otis, star, Rhine, sanyo... Domestic and international famous elevator manufacturers such as established good relations of cooperation. Product innovation, in domestic, our company developed the first 180 ° big circular arc, large double rectangular glass PVB dry laminating process, to achieve the fundamental breakthrough in the quality of the products. Three no pillar type hot bending interlining small arc glass sightseeing, straight edge error is one over one thousand of the quality, second to none in the country. Escalator glass are made of water cut truly assembly zero error..... [View details]

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